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Review of MOVIES by Blunt Review (USA)

11 jul

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Karneval: Movies

CD You can only buy it here ->

The group Karneval sends you their cd in a movie slip. Clever. For many, like me, you may pop in the DVD player to see if it has video. It doesn’t – but it plays! And, yes, now the DVD player rocks daily…

The group, based out of Serbia, has created a musical inspiration to a film they enjoy; hence the name of the CD. And they have the vocals in each in the language of the film; German, English, Serbian Spanish and Italian. Frankly, the works flow in an out of genius. But, I would say they all have a chance at scoring films if the group does not pan out.

The first track, Fitzcarraldo (film by Director Werner Herzog), introduces us to vocalist Milica Krstic. She has a wide range and you are drawn in. Remarkably different and alluring, while still being strong and clear; talent. The instruments are accompanied by some well-aimed sampling and beats that swish together to make a heady stir of things.

The second track, Wild at Heart (film by director David Lynch), again has Krstic’s vocals, but this time they bring you into a post apocalyptic Goth club somewhere in an out-zone. The music is very visual. Turn it up for the best effect.

Track three, Dvoje (film by director Aleksandar Petrovic), takes another turn. Celtic influences blend with an almost operatic Krstic. Piano keys tickles, flutes whispers enchanting notes and other instruments (including a military-esque drum riff) crescendo to meet in the middle of some samplings. It makes you want to hunt down the film.

Then in their fourth piece, Vuk Samotnjak, you’ll be served up delightfully ethereal samplings and a drum rythym as Krstic’s voice joins in. The production notes advise the film is about an abandoned dog, so that’s why there’s barking looped within I suppose. But, even not having seen the film, you’ll understand a war came, and a dog is not happy.

Karneval’s interpretation of Destino (the animated collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali), track five, has definately been over sampled. I want to re-record it with them, slapping the hand reaching for that sampling sound effect button! But, beneath the artistic hubalu there’s a great song fighting to get out. The talent behind the music is obvious and the instruments voice their player’s commands nicely; just a tad all-at-once a couple times.

The final offering is based on and titled, Le Notte Bianche (film by director Luchino Visconti). Karneval serves up a nice bit of melodrama musically within. There’s just all that sampling again. I am not a huge fan of the constant sampling – so it’s harder for me to be fair. Then out of the blue a piano section reminds you of the actual rich talent and artistic ability of the group, and you’re smiling again.

The cd comes complete with “movie” posters for each song in the insert. They tell you who plays what – though in different languages; some are tough to decipher. If you are into discovering different music being made around the world, get this compelling, often grand, often heady, six-pack of musical adventures. This is a talented group that needs a producer to rein them in – but not change their remarkable freshness and unique touches.

You can only Karneval’s Movies CD here ->

They’ll send it from far away for your audio pleasure:)

Review of MOVIES by FrontRowFanz (USA)

13 jun

(02.Jun 2012)


Karneval: Movies

Sound and inner sight come together in a very interesting way on Karneval’s
latest album, entitled Movies. The six songs featured are all inspired by particular movies, and are formatted accordingly. Karneval didn’t just claim that their songs are influenced by films, they worked their particular brand of European electro-pop magic around the films, engulfing what makes each film so distinctive, without losing their alluring sound in the process. Even without knowing what the particular movie is that Karneval may be referencing, you can get a very strong feeling of the atmospheres of each.The song Wild At Heart, inspired by the David Lynch directed film of the same name, incorporates elements of 50s rock and roll and 80s power ballads that match the rebel-with-a-cause mentality on display in the movie, while Fitzcarraldo’s gothic overtones reflect the growing madness that permeates the main character’s psyche. Even if you’re not familiar with the films that Karneval is referencing, they give each song a clear beginning, middle, and end, fully embodying the classical storytelling of old Hollywood, creating a mental audiovisual cinema of its own. If you are looking for truly unique notes, chords, and moans that evoke cinema, but don’t require you to surrender your butt to a seat for an hour and twenty minutes, look no further than Karneval’s Movies.

by Dylan Green

Karneval – Movies, na radio talasima – Gistro FM, Radio B92

17 apr

 Car Skoča je baš lepo nahvalio 
Movies album i pustio je 2 pesme 
sa njega na ovoj sjajnoj plejlisti.
Ukoliko želite da preslušate 
Gistro FM radio šou
link je ovde.


Tindersticks – Come Inside / The Something Rain / lucky dog/city slang 2012
Patrick Watson – Lighthouse / Adventures in Your Own Backyard / domino 2012
Patrick Watson – Into Giants / Adventures in Your Own Backyard / domino 2012
Lightships – Every Blossom / Electric Cables / geographic 2012
Spiritualized – Too Late / Sweet Heart, Sweet Light / fat possum 2012
Spiritualized – Little Girl / Sweet Heart, Sweet Light / fat possum 2012
Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know / A Different Ship / secretly canadian 2012
Peasant – Girls / Bound for Glory / schnitzel 2012
Peasant – Don’t Let Me Down / Bound for Glory / schnitzel 2012
Thom Hell – As Long As / Suddenly Past / voices of wonder 2012
Dictaphone – Manami / Poems from a Rooftop / sonic pieces 2012
Dictaphone – Maelbeek / Poems from a Rooftop / sonic pieces 2012
Islet – This Fortune / Illuminated People / shape 2012
Sugarman 3 – Rudy’s Intervention / What the World Needs Now / daptone 2012
Sugarman 3 – What the World Needs Now / What the World Needs Now / daptone 2012
Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians – New Things / Fuck All the Perfect People / trainwreck 2012
Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell – The Breaking Hands / VA: The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project – The Journey is Long / glitterhouse 2012
Gareth Dickson – Nunca Jamas / Quite A Way Away / 12k 2012
Karneval – Dvoje / Movies / unreleased 2012
Karneval – Vuk samotnjak / Movies / unreleased 2012
Endangered Blood – Rare / Endangered Blood / skirl 2011
Trembling Bells & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – I Made a Date (With an Open Vein) / The Marble Downs / honest john’s records 2012
Sucré – When We Were Young / A Minor Bird / eisley 2012
Lotus Plaza – Monolights / Spooky Action at a Distance / kranky 2012

GISTRO HEAVY ROTATION: Spiritualized – Sweet Heart, Sweet Light (fat possum)


5 apr

Ukoliko niste bili sa nama uživo, evo prilike da KLIKOM NA LINK naknadno prisustvujete projekciji audio filmova u Karneval bioskopu. Pored premijernog preslušavanja naših novih pesama, imate priliku i da čujete razne zanimljive informacije o filmovima koji su nam poslužili kao inspiracija. Priča o predizbornoj kampanji se podrazumeva.

Mega kosmička premijera: KARNEVAL – MOVIES

2 apr
22h-00h, Radio B92
Domaćin Slobodan Vujanović i Super operater Mario Eterović  prezentuju audio filmove sa novog albuma Karnevala – MOVIES.
Prvi poljubac se jedino pamti.

Zarez FM (29.08), NRBG, gost Mario Eterovic

12 sep

Još uvek čekam na parking mesto tik iza bine Beogradske opere.

Zarez FM, Mario Eterovic 2011-08-29

photo by Blurred

Večeras ! Sve što ste hteli da…

29 avg

u fm odaje vecheras (29. avgust, 22-00h) stižu
(super) mario eterović (bendovi karneval i svetemisli)
+ ‘lovely’ juliette na 20.000km zaobilaznom putu od pariza do shangaja = BICIKLOM
pričamo o pogledima, begu, obrisima, sledu…
zarez fm @ novi radio beograd –
stream LIVE – ponedeljkom od 22-00h

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