Movies is ready for projections

23 mar

Miki Prokop and Sasa Jankovic (Strip Studio)

For quite a long time I was looking for a quality option for mastering process. I have had several unsuccessful attempts over the internet with foreign producers, which (fortunately for me)  didn’t cost anything . Lot of talking but quite pale results. All in all, the internet music industry is like  fishing in troubled waters. A bunch of phonies who are just fishing around within millions of bands from all over,  promising professional mastering, which is eventually reduced to a few predefined audio settings, but without paying attention to your specific sound . After a series of disappointments, Olja from Autopark has recommended Sasa Jankovic who worked on their last album, speaking very highly about him. I am grateful for it because Sasha and Miki (who works with him ) really showed in their best light.From the start we had clicked,  they liked the album and we arrange the whole deal without any problem. After a few test shots, I gave them the green light and then, within one working day, in their music studio Strip, finished the complete album. If you want to do  professional master of your album, I highly recommend Miki and Sasa. Rarely normal and nice people who really like good music plus they are true  masters of their work.

So, dear friends, the album „Music“ is musically completed. Blurred is currently working on the design of the cover, and after a full packed product, the question of publishing still remains. We’ll wait for the reaction of some people from abroad, before we make definitive decision about releasing our album on the market.

Follow the next few days  information on this site or through our twitter account,  because  „Movies“ will have its radio premiere really soon. We will notify you  when and where you will be able to hear the premiere of a songs from the album.


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