Daddy does not pay the bills

17 nov

The man in this business must develop zen patience. Where to start? Well, I could start from that which I most feared, and that is fucking up computer. Which exactly happened at the moment when I finally stitched the money for renting lexicon reverb processor. And that happened after I rented it. Since I already wrote about it, I forgot to mention that three days (which cost 45 euros) went to the wind because for that long my computer has been on repair. Fortunately, the hard drive with a complete album and the work of one and half year on it survived,  so after 2 days of stress it had been very easy to spit some more money for repair and a new graphic card that , too, began to make trouble .

Then, finally,  MP1 and I have brought a tape recorder and a phenomenal analog / digital converter that THE KING! Vlada Maletić borrowed  us for free. MP1 has even managed to find two new tapes which is incredible hard to find today, especially in Serbia. And then we found out that even 3 fucking analog output on my music card  have began to break down without any hope for normal cooperation. After that, GENIUS! MP1 brought ​​(I do not want to know how and by whom) new music card. Then we lost a week sorting out bugs in the linking of whole that equipment and in the end we manage to solve all technical problems with combination of both music cards and A/D device.

And then we realized that due to new music card all of my old mixer settings are no longer valid. That was reset for another week of transfer, calculation and setting up for new mixer combination. And just when I went to work sub-mixes,  as 60 channels (that we have in average per song) have to be reduced to 16 channels that we  really have in  physical form , Vlada called. Fuck, he needed his device  for the big fair in Novi Sad.

After the seven days of waiting,  finally tonight (again) I will be taking his magical device until Wednesday, when he will be needing it back again for some commercial presentation. And then I will wait again. And after that I will continue to work.

During all this time I have to work a regular day job, which is  poorly paid (like most jobs in Serbia) and to take care of my family. With a series of bad life shits that are happening ( I am not in the mood to write about that).

So it looks like. And all that can be different. When daddy pays the bills.


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