Underline the line

11 jul

After a series of troubles that remind me of playing pacman (but in real-time space and time), the album Movies is approaching its „cinema“ premiere. Due to summer holidays which at the same time represent a break from work activities, I gave up on renting a reverb processor, moving the term for a final production process to the end of August.In addition to arranging all sorts of debts during the summer and after that finally manage to collect money with which we will close the financial construction of the album, this pause will significantly contribute to „refreshing process“ of my ears before the final mix which is waiting for me in early September.

MP1 has finally come to hear all six songs and on my insistence that we talk only about the potential problems and things that seems shaky because that will be most useful for me in phase of final mix he replied with legendary Čola line „I would not touch anything „.It really raised my spirits up because I strongly believe in his opinion.

LovBoY and I have spent several days together in the kicks and making plans for the fall season trying to make up for missed time. He, meanwhile, successfully prepared the entrance exam for bass so that next year he will finish the theoretical department at the academy and at the same time start with the bass.LovBoy is spreading all over the place! Some tentative plan is that after the break, we will start with intensive rehearsals for the concerts that should promote our second album. Also, for the first time we will play live re-arranged songs from the first album! #! which still did not have concert life.

Otherwise, LovBoY will flee for France in August where he is invited (in a friendly combination) for a series of jazz concerts, we did not manage to see Mici, but we spoke over the phone with encouragements for further work, and I will go into the wilderness to regenerate from all the crap they showered me this year.

Life grinds us, but we also grinded it. Ups and downs are part of the story, and we hope to overcome this oneandhalf year rise (and we were falling a lot during it) in which we invest all our resources – to the last breath.


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