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I haven’t written a long time since I have not had even the smallest  thing to say. During January Mici was in Norway, LovBoy was preoccupied with his studies and his solo performances (that you could follow on this place), and I dove into the mixing process.

We are currently in the semi final stage – I have finished the basic sound processing of all audio files, and now I’m waiting for the end of recording vocals i.e. Mici to move on. After renting a reverb processor for 5 days and the sound processing with it, the only thing that remains to be done is an additional final touch / precise setting of the overall sound picture, which I will do together with MP1 and LovBoy.

I hope that during February album will be finished and be available to all of you. Album „Movies“ set off as spontaneous and modest project, and ends as complex and richly one. From the initial idea of a small and modest real-time album, we came to serious music study  in which every detail is repeatedly discussed. But, I am pleased that 80 percent of the album is still in the concept of real-time: most ideas that emerged in spontaneous moments of unmatched inspiration are still present as the atmosphere which dominates the album.

The manner in which newly born idea is being played  is a special and unique. I can only be grateful for my disciplined work ethic which (reluctantly) dragged me from indulging complacent enjoyment in playing with a new idea to the technical (and less exciting) aspects of the recording of those ideas while they are fresh. Mitigating circumstance was  Loverboy successfull cooperation in the whole process. It is not easy to stop when you are overflown with the orgasmic enjoy in moments of inspiration and focus on setting up cables,  microphones and sound effects.But,  because of that,  the end result (at least for us) is spectacular.We have recorded just „this special“ moment of sincere joy and thereby achieved a specific sound atmosphere.

The novelty is that I have quite spontaneously decided to (at the moments of  pause in the work for Karneval) dedicate to my solo ideas that I had developed over the years and recorded here and there. The result of that is completed solo album which will be available (in the next days) in the form of a free download on this site. It is surprise that most surprised me.


3 reagovanja to “Surprise”

  1. Retka Zverka februar 1, 2011 u 6:25 pm #

    Stvarno lepe vesti. Radujem se i zbog vas i zbog tebe. 🙂

  2. Sunflower februar 1, 2011 u 6:25 pm #

    Ko koristi pauzu na jednom mestu da pritisne ‘play’ na drugom, taj je kreativan, inspirisan i uživa u onome što radi.
    Jedva čekam da čujem album! 🙂

  3. karnevalbanda februar 1, 2011 u 10:57 pm #

    nadam se da ću bar donekle ispuniti vaša očekivanja.hvala na širenju pozitivnih emocija!

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