Why to do all this?

24 nov

We  recorded vocals for second song in Serbian. Mici has done a fantastic vocal lines that have compelled us to think about a change of rhythm. Arrangements  are constantly modified due to new musical moments. Only song that left for recording vocals  is in Spanish. Blurred has provided excellent translation – thank you Marija!

We gave up recording with Vukašin, because he is constantly changing our recording dates. Since we have already lost a lot of time on hold and we have not done anything on the occasion of woodwind instruments it is time for a new approach. Problems with the involvement of studio musicians are numerous, and because we have no budget , especially not for this topic we gave up the stretched trying to record everything live. Time passes, but the most important things we have already  recorded live  (a concert piano, harpsichord, flute, cello, viola) and now it is time for wrapping things up. Wind instruments are designed as a supplement for bass lines, and are not positioned at the first sound level so we will use the already existing excellent banks of live instruments which we will customize according to our sound trip.

When I realized that we would lose another two months to organize recording terms for trombone, French horn and trumpet I took a deep breath and I ask  myself the question: „Why to do all this?“.

When we have professional  conditions and the ability to do it properly then we will do it like that. For now (somehow) we are constantly  switching over our own capabilities. It would be nice that we could recorded woodwind instruments by our own forces, but the cost and amount of lost nerves  does not correspond for their role within our musical arrangements.

Frankly, I’m running out of energy for finishing this studio work because it is time consuming  and I decided to save energy for mixing process and not for pursuing some recording dates that are constantly changing. Loverboy is working at home writing notes for Rastko who has pledged to record the complete string quartet through the sound of electric viola. Which would be fantastic in the sense that we are going to get finished recording material that we can immediately use in the existing mix. Nice & clean. Rastko  is definitely a dude that we are planning for an expanded version of live shows.

photo by Blurred

Our equipment is at the edge of collapse. Half a function does not work. I hope it will endure until the end of the work on album. One thing is sure – there is no chance that we will invest in repairs or even in buying new instruments. At least not now in this bad economic time. Craziest of all is that a lot of famous musicians intentionally buy old, analog equipment in order to get a special and unique sound (such as Depeche Mode) and we are working on them for the simple reason that it is the only equipment we have 🙂


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