Number 7

17 nov

Last week was partly successful in terms of work. At the last moment, Vukašin canceled recording rehearsal for  trombone so I took that free time to do  sound processing & to  sort  out numerous files & to try out certain production techniques.

Mici has come to the next rehearsal  where we managed to finish vocals for the second and the last song on our native language. We have one more song from the planned 6. Spanish will be the language with which we will open the album. Blurred is currently responsible for the proper translation of the lyrics in Spanish for the song we’ll record in the next few days.

I’ve been thinking about the number 6 and how much I don’t like it. The energy of this number does not fit right for me. It bothered me for a long time that we have chosen 6 songs  for the album. After I recently watched a brilliant movie „Love Exposure“ from one of my favorite director Sion Sono I  got a number of musical associations. Classical music is constantly present in the film and Sono used this famous  compositions as a leitmotif:

Symphony No7 in A Major Op 92. II Allegre – Beethoven
Bolero – Maurice Ravel
Symphony No3 – Saint Saens

Since the whole album is linked with the movies, I decided to do a musical homage to this film and to make a song number 7, which will of course be called „Ai no mukidashi“ (Love Exposure) and will be in Japanese. Loverboy had the idea to use Japanese pentatonic playing chords on the piano – which pulled in that direction, and I decided to use cello sound on midi keyboards. We have played a very successful jam from which we drew the basic theme for a composition that will be in form of minimal classical structure.We agreed that length of the song should be a maximum of 2 min and it will consists of 2 parts which will be played & recorded on the piano (maybe electric) and cello.We decided to leave just that two instruments with the voice singing  in Japanese. This song will close the album.

Other names of songs / movies I shall keep as a surprise to the album’s release.

Beautiful thing that happened was meeting with Nikola a.k.a.  Scoundrel from the band „Illegal Emotions“ (which is also known for his solo work as „Alone“).We met in our studio at Bigz building  to finally see each other face to face and with great occasion.Nikola and Tamara have finally released the long awaited first album that I got as a gift and I’ll gladly review it. We talked about the creative problems and working styles, as well as our  past achievements and cultural disinterest in this environment for all forms of „independent“  work.

I enjoyed the three-hour conversation with the man who stand behind obscure Serbian label  „Cold Trinity“ and who has multiple talents -Nikola’s  professional occupation  is a graphic design and the music is just icing on the cake:) He is otherwise a fairly modest and moderate, but I can definitely recommend you to pay attention to his work because he is a unique figure of the Serbian underground scene.

I got some useful information for the future of our album and the contact that could be of some significance. We finished the meeting with the statement that we are all totally isolated in our  micro-environments, which is a shame, because who knows how many interesting and creative people are out there in this town who are invisible. What is certain is that we won’t  find info about them through the regular media.

My head is like a watermelon. I have started a series of totally separated activities in order to speed up the process of finishing the album. Life is not a  sugar, and at some point all the undone things comes around for payback.


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