Viola is in the circle

7 nov

We have entered into the last phase of the recording following our plan / to begin with mixing process in December. I called Rastko ,with whom I work in a school, to play viola and he did a great job.

It is really a pleasure to work with serious musicians who are btw also ok as people. A man appeared when we agreed, played a couple of times a theme that we wrote to him and without any problems I recorded the viola with which we are all satisfied.

We talked about the current situation in the music world because Rastko spent a few years in MS studies in Norway and has been playing a lot all around Europe. He returned back to Serbia because of nostalgia and with hope that he will be able to earn enough as a teacher of the instrument and as a professional musician. Trueth is  that he doesn’t  earn enough  – he can’t even maintain his instruments on regular basis. Besides working in school, he works also  in the Symphony Orchestra of RTS and everywhere where it is possible because he is  the first-class performer but in the end it comes down to surviving from day to day. It seems that all who are doing something more serious plan to somehow go abroad if the situation here doesn’t change over the next few years. And he is already on the verge of abandoning the idea to live here permanently. We talked about how we actually feel – as if we temporary work in Serbia until it comes up a better opportunity for normal work and life elsewhere.

After recording, we talked about the various films,  exchanged some music and agreed on a further cooperation because we sensed that we clicked. It is possible that he will record for us a string section themes  on electric viola, because we had realized that the recording of string chamber ensemble is too much for us in this situation. I mean, it could be drawn, but the level of strike and the effort will not be adequate to achieved effect. Simply, it is a story that requires much better conditions than those which we have at our disposal. One of the things that I have learned over all these years is not to push things beyond my possibilities, because it always ends badly for all involved in the story.

Next week we continue with the trombone.I’ve talked with Vukašin and he confirmed his engagement. Wonderful people – wonderful music.


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