Pace and plans

27 okt

Yesterday LovBoy and me took some time to define the themes for wind instruments. We are still recording vocals because of hyper occupied Mici, which barely manages to find spare time to work. We planned to record all vocals by mid October, but (as always) the pace of life does not allow the fulfillment of desire set. For this reason, we have decided not to wait for the completion of the voices to move ahead.

The fear that surrounds us  is fear of  too long working on the album. Fatigue of continuous work on the same songs has already begun to appear which tells us that it is time to enter the last phase of work . The current plan is to maximize our efforts to swallow (during November) last two major  jobs – recording of  a wind instrument players (trombone, trumpet, french horn) and string quartet  (cello, viola, violin). In December starts standard before- new year -madness, and therefore in that period we can forget the organization of the recording, which includes such a large number of people.

Besides  work on arrangements for wind instruments,  we managed to record a brand new bass line for a song that is on German language. The first thing you learn when you are working on creating the album is that songs are never finished – until the final mix. You are constantly modifying their shape and theme lines because the song itself encourages that changes. Currently on our computer in the studio we have about 20 different mixes for each song. One can easily follow how  the ideas and arrangements have changed over time.

Nice news is that we managed to solve the issue of space in Bigz building because we found new roommates. Miljakovac minimal techno crew are totally cool. We quickly agreed to resolve mutual problems. We remain in our work space, and they found nice space for work. This town is small. It turns out that we have mutual friends – legendary brothers G. from Miljakovac hood. With Džeremija (one of the 3 crazy brothers G) I  played long time ago. He really knew to punch the drum. He was without technical skills but had an incredibly raw and authentic energy. We had some great time during fucked up 90-ties in the bomb shelter where we played. In that dark time of war, inflation and poverty, we broke into a new bomb shelter on the Čukarica (part of Belgrade) where we played completely incognito. I haven’t seen Džeri for years, so I use a new roommates to pass my greetings. Music friendships are special ones. It is like sharing same secret. Everything happens faster and more spontaneous. Both pretty and ugly things. Too many emotions in the game.

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