Music hologram of Nikola Tesla

24 okt

I met MP1 after a long time. I was a little worried because of health problems that he is currently facing. Life often seems like an endless series of problems that are just changing form. We talked about current work and how far we came with the recording process as we are approaching the mixing stage where his knowledge, sense and experience can be of great value ,  as well as the situation regarding the issue of the completion of his album.

Three years ago we recorded  its concert at Guarnerius (Belgrade) , and then we have re-recorded certain instruments that complemented the sound of the show. I  spent a lot of time on mixing that material because MP1 decided to put me in the roll of  producer.  I gave the best of me, creating a sound image in a  modern / contemporary way trying to achieve a sound brilliance that could correspond to  master piece of written music text.

After I finished the production we had to do  just a few more steps that are necessary for bringing us close to publishing. Of course, since these depend only of  MP1, and as usual he is constantly torn between the obligation of a million everyday jobs we are waiting almost a year for these actions. Now,  we have finally made a realistic plan that should be realized in next few weeks. I can hardly wait for the publication of this album, because the MP1 has masterfully written 10 compositions that we had managed to record quite good . Now,  they will become a significant part of world cultural heritage in the area of contemporary classical music.

MP1 & Kerovođa at Kalenić green market / photo by Blurred

Publishing of the album „Music hologram of Nikola Tesla“ will be followed by a documentary film about the creation of the album that I filmed from the beginning of the preparation until the execution -the concert. The idea is to divided it in to 10 short episodes that will go once a week supporting promotion of the album. We will use similar technical sound processing to finalized our second album so we talked, also, about the ways of doing it and dates .

I hope that we will finished our two important and large projects : Karneval „Movies“ and Miroslav  Savić „Music Hologram of Nikola Tesla“ till the end of this year.  My heart will be full.

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  1. seconda oktobar 25, 2010 u 4:53 pm #

    Music hologram Nikola Tesla is one of my favorite albums.

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