On the sidelines

20 okt

During the last ten days we have been recording vocals. We finished voices for 4 songs and have 2 more and then we can record remaining stuff like wind instruments and strings. Mici and I maintain good / continuous tempo of work, and Loverboy prescribed itself  absences and let us two to  finish this part of the job.

What I have learned so far working with many people is that everyone has their own interests and motives involved in a story. Not everyone is interested in the (exhausting) process of recording, which means endless repetition of identical items in the search for the best possible performance.
Since I have reputation  known as “ difficult  man for cooperation“ I decided to watch a bit more realistic matters of joint work.
Musicians are generally a group of lazy, infantile, poorly educated (in general cultural sense) and extremely irresponsible people. Do I  need to say that these are all characteristics that I can not stand? For this reason, there are many people with whom I had worked . My tolerance was nearly zero towards such behavior and that is why I often give up than to continue working with those who are not serious. The band is a sensitive form. You must have both a good sense of how to develop common ideas and also respect for different sensibilities. You need to know when you are right, and when not. My current philosophy is that communication is crucial. As long as I have good and continuous communication with people with whom I work nothing is a problem.
So far, everything is functioning relatively well in relation to our triangle. I have a feeling that we are all understood its place within our music story, and quite successfully managed the process of recording our second album. We begin to think about  rehearsals for a live performance because of  a couple of offers that are in circulation (Switzerland, Poland, Japan). Of course, here (in Serbia)  no one called us to play. Because of luck of support from our publishing house (it is a subject about which I will have something to say – later) and the absence of any advertising and marketing, as well as the fact that we hardly been on the air  (thanks to all the music editors / reporters who played our music on the air) I think we are still almost where we were before the release of the album – on the sidelines, away from the ears of the public.
Everyone should do their job. Time will show how much we were good at it. As musicians / artists and also as a  music editors / critics / journalists.

*We apologize  for potential language mistakes (English is not our native language)

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